A remodelled bathroom is an investment of time and money, so be certain to plan out everything

in advance. Working with a professional designer like Totally Custom Designs will help to clarify

and distinguish what you need from what you want in your new bathroom getaway.

Of course, because bathrooms have some very specific properties, they are also quite different

from kitchens, living rooms, or bedrooms to remodel. Every year brings new styles and trends

for decorating, so consider keeping the tile and other permanent fixtures reasonably neutral.

Add touches of updated colours and décor you can change every few years. Choose fixtures

that contrast the room’s colour scheme to make them stand out even more. If you have a small

bathroom, completely avoid dark colours. More than any other kind of small room, small

bathrooms need to be light-coloured. Otherwise, they’ll feel stuffy. Bathroom vanities can be the

focal point of a newly updated master bath. There’s a lot to know about choosing the right one.

Simply by changing out the vanity, countertop, and sink, a bathroom can feel refreshed and

completely different. Consider, instead of a standard built-in (integrated) sink, choosing a

freestanding basin. This option can add a lot of character.

Bathrooms are now less confined to clinical white, polished ceramic and a clean contemporary

feel. Instead, people are becoming more confident about going busy and bold in bathroom and

powder rooms. How homeowners use their bathrooms has changed a lot in the past few years.

These rooms are now considered one of the most functional in the home and are getting larger

and grander. Homeowners often find themselves heading to their bathrooms to relax in a long,

hot bath, take a steam shower, or sit and read the latest bestseller.