Modern kitchen design

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The idea of modern kitchen design can come in many shapes and forms. However, we ask ourselves, what actually makes a kitchen modern? This supposedly would come down to the materials used or the kitchen design and layout. Modern kitchen design has the characteristics of a sleek, linear and most commonly, an uncluttered look. Many

Renovating your kitchen to optimize storage space

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With property prices on the rise each year, finding a big enough property to suit your budget can prove to be quite a challenge leaving many home buyers having to deal with living space a lot smaller than many of us wish for. Home storage always seems to be an issue when it comes to

7 Ways to cut costs in a New Kitchen Renovation

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1. REUSE MATERIALS Reusing materials as often as one can, can reduce the cost of a kitchen renovation on a substantials scale. Most kitchen renovations begin with gutting the entire space, and beginning a new. However, reusing the kitchen cupboard carcasses can save you money by just replacing countertops and doors. Even recutting and moving

TOP TIPS to a Succesful Kitchen Renovation:

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In this month’s blog post we are going to explore the Top Tips to a successful kitchen renovation. We will cover some new-age kitchen ideas as well as a few tips that may save you a bit of time and money, brought to you by Totally Custom Designs.  Tip 1: Set up a temporary kitchen.

What the future holds for Kitchen Design in 2020/2021:

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What the future holds for Kitchen Design in 2020/2021: As the year comes to a close. You’ve been saving up for that kitchen renovation, and are unsure if your taste will stand the test of time. Let’s be sure to invest in a modern kitchen design that will not only bring value to your home